Past Rescues

 This mature lady is Roxy who I fostered for Cavalier Rescue USA.  She had gone through a few homes before surrendered to Cavalier Rescue USA.  She is now a permanent resident with an owner who thinks Roxy should run for president.  

Vista Jill came into rescue with 3 other cavaliers when her owner became incapacitated and the family started hospice care.   

 Jill is 9 years old, blind in one eye,  grade 5 heart murmur and has a breast tumor which needs a biopsy. 


Unfortunately Jill's biopsy has come back as an aggressive form of mammary cancer.  The vet only gives her a couple of months to live.  This news is very sad.  Jill is such a lovely girl.   So instead of being a foster home for Jill, I'm now a hospice home for her.   For now,  she is her happy self and she doesn't even know how sick she is.   

UPDATE  Sadly Jill has been put to sleep.  I will so miss her smiling face.    Please spay females after their first heat cycle or when they are retired from breeding to reduce the risks of mammary cancer.  

Please enjoy the pictures and unique story of our rescued puppies.        

Mickey and Minnie Mouse, these two little puppies, brother and sister, came from a puppy mill.  They went to a large well known chain retail pet shop where it was discovered they had arrived infected with mange, a highly contagious skin condition caused by a parasite.  The pet shop's veterinarian began skin treatments, baths, and shots which would take the course of several weeks to complete.  After the treatments were completed the pet shop deemed they were much too OLD, (by pet shop standards), to return to the shop's window.  Leaving the puppies in a crisis situation as to what to do with them them.  Puppies who "Age out" in pet shops are usually put to sleep.  

 The pet shop did not want them back and they could not stay at the vet.   The alternative was unthinkable!  Since these two rescued puppies were purebred, healthy, and could live out a normal life; their situation was unusual and urgent!   Through a mutual friend, who happens to know I'm a breeder and do rescue work, I was contacted by one of the pet shop's employees and asked to immediately take the puppies off their hands.  I said yes, of course, and so these two precious little lost angels fell into my lap a couple hours later.  They have since been rehomed and are very much loved by their wonderful new owners. 



The following picture is Riley, who came to us as a nervous neurotic cavalier who paced back and forth and ran around in all kinds of circles; big circles and little circles.  He is now living out the life of "O'Riley" at Leisure World in Camarillo; happy with his new owners who love him very much.  His pacing and circling days are over with now! 

Below is Ginger who was rescued from a bad situation were she was replaced by the family's new baby.  She now lives with one of my past puppy buyers who wanted a second cavalier, but wanted to rescue one in need.   I helped coordinate this rescue through AKC Rescue Trust.  Now Ginger is loved and cherished as a cavalier should be!   

   Again I had someone contact me about one of my puppies but they really wanted to rescue a cavalier who needed a home.  I put them in touch with USA Cavalier Rescue which I am a foster home for and they found Charley Brown (below).  

Or rescue puppy Waco.  Waco came from a Missouri puppy mill and was purchased through a deceptive internet broker clearinghouse called "Purebred breeders"  The family who bought him was unaware he came from a puppy mill.  His family then moved to a location that was not suitable for raising a puppy.    Waco, renamed Montgomery, has since been rehomed with one of my awesome past puppy buyers who wanted a second cavalier.  

Or rescue Winston comes from back yard breeders.  He was a left over puppy that did not sell.  Once he grew up he was regulated to the back yard until he was four years old.   The breeders decided to move and did not want to take Winston with them.  Winston, renamed Charger,  is now living in San Diego and bonding to his happy new owner.  

Update: After six months,  Winston was returned to us, apparently the family's other dog did not get along with him and after months of trying, the family returned him.  We have now rehomed Winston with an owner who has no other dogs so the situation won't ever happen to Winston again.  Sadly, it is a common occurrence for rescues to fail placements and be returned.