All About My Puppies



I'm a responsible AKC breeder, which means I only sell direct to buyers. Please DO NOT contact me if you are a charity auction, agent, or representing a third party.  I adhere to the breeding rules, regulations, and guidelines set forth by the AKC and the AKC Cavalier King Charles Spaniel breed club; whose Code of Ethics has my signature on it.  While I'm not opposed to responsible breeding, most of my puppies are sold limited.    

    My puppies are all AKC registered.  AKC is the only officially recognized registry for the Cavalier King Charles in the United States.

    My puppies all come from well known healthy and established long lived champion lines.  I picked my breeding stock very carefully and I am too picky about what I like and what I want reproduced in my puppies.  

     My puppies are extensively socialized and raised in my home with lots of love. Puppies are lovingly handled daily from birth.    My super smart Einstein puppies are exposed to all kinds of sights, sounds, smells, and gentle challenges from the time they can walk.  From day 3 - 16 they receive early neurological stimulation proven to be effective. This extra early stimulation will make them easy for you to train later on.   

   My puppies are so smart that they start housebreaking themselves as soon as they can crawl!  They are housebroken in their puppy pen and using the pet door and sleeping in a crate before going home. Puppies run in the yard and play hard in the sunshine, then hang out under the apple tree. Athletic, healthy puppies really have a chance to run at break neck speeds developing good coordination and muscle tone; something a pet shop pup never gets to do.   Puppy pictures are posted frequently so you can watch them grow. Puppy visits (By appointment only) start at 6 weeks old.  I do NOT ship  puppies but I do supply a free Health Certificate and can deliver to Ontario International Airport at no charge to owners who fly in to pick up their puppy.  Flight nanny services can be arranged at additional charge.  



 A $500.00 non-refundable, non-transferable deposit is required to hold a puppy until 10 weeks old and ready to go home. 

 Breeding rights and full registration is available on select puppies.  I'm happy to help you get started with breeding, whelping, and puppy raising.  

New breeders welcome! 

Each puppy comes with the following:

A complete AKC Puppy Package  Includes AKC registration papers, a complimentary new owner vet examination with a vet of your choosing, a new puppy owner's instructional handbook, and access to AKC events. 

Free enrollment with Trupanion Pet Insurance 

Signed written contract and  bill of sale

Two independent veterinary examinations  neonatal and 9 weeks old.

One year written health guarantee against all life threatening genetic defects 

Up to date vaccinations  I use a state-of-the-art vaccine that overrides the mother's passive immunity.   This guarantees my puppies are never vulnerable to parvo or distemper and makes early puppy visitations possible.  They only need one more shot after they go home.  

Worming and Fecal exam

AKC Microchip  

New puppy  instructions and information including nutrition, training, health care, etc.

Transitional blanket with mom's smell on it

 Puppy food

Free samples of Nuvet Supplements 

Chew toys

Pine potty pellets 

Lifetime 24/7 breeder support

Lifetime Return Policy (No questions asked)

Dog boarding services available  - please see Dog Boarding page for further info and details

Available upon request


Registration numbers


BUYER BEWARE, unofficial "For Profit" registries e.g. ACA, APRI, FIC, CKC, UABR, NAPDR, NDBA, WKC, KKC, SKC, NKC, DRA, etc. are completely bogus.  They were simply created by individual puppy mills who lost their right to register with AKC due to ongoing violations of animal cruelty and improper record keeping. They do not hold any dog shows or events, except mill house / broker auctions.   ALL pet shop puppies, including AKC, come from USDA large scale commercial wholesalers, AKA puppy mills.   While the puppies may be cute in the pet shop window, all the adult dogs behind them spend their entire lives in cages without handling, vet care, socialization, or grooming.  As soon as their fertility drops off they are immediately destroyed and breeder has no idea how long they may have lived or what health conditions they would have developed.  No thought is given to selective breeding or health history.    Please, always say NO to puppy mills and pet shops, we must end this cruelty.  If you are unable to see at least one parent of a puppy, you are dealing with a broker, not the breeder.