My Dogs

 All OFA health testing that has been done on my dogs can be verified via the OFA website.

Go to OFA and put the dog's registration number in the top  QUICK SEARCH box.

 (Do not use Advanced search box) 


 Kelton Royal Doulton. 

Doulton's health testing includes OFA heart, OFA patellas, OFA eyes,  DNA tested CLEAR  for Episodic Falling Syndrome  and Dry Eye Curly Coat.  

Doluton's sire is a Grand Champion who is heart clear at 10 years old.  He has many Champions in his pedigree.   He is a proven stud and produces absolutely beautiful perfectly marked blenheims and tricolors.  Daulton is available for stud service.   (see stud service page)



Kelton Mizuwokakeru AKC Registration #TS50190404

Mizu is Mishka and Daulton A's daughter.  She is my current breeding female.  Her health testing includes OFA heart, OFA eyes, OFA patellas.  Mizu has also earned her AKC C.G.C. Title.  


RETIRED  Kelton Mishka Ocean Is My Potion 

Mishka is Diamond's daughter.  She looks just like Beauty.  Mishka is OFA heart, OFA eyes, OFA patellas.  

 RETIRED  Kelton Diamond Dust  

We call her DeeDee for short.  DeeDee is Diamond's daughter and has carried on her sweet disposition. 

 She is OFA heart, OFA eyes, OFA patellas, PENN hips.

 Rose City Cannonball Express Kelton retired from breeding.  AKC registration number TS14380702   My first foundational male.  Cannon has added significantly to my breeding program.


 Rose City Cannonball Express Kelton retired from breeding. 

AKC registration number TS14380702  

My first foundational male.  Cannon has added significantly to my breeding program.  



RETIRED Kelton Lacy Gladiolus 

One of Violet's puppies, Gladys is OFA heart, OFA hips, OFA eyes, OFA patella.  CHIC# 113575

  Gladys is very sweet and dear.   

Gladys on far right

Retired (Spayed) Kelton Black Diamonds Jubilee

AKC Registration number TS08567805We call her Diamonds and she is Angel's daughter, (Beauty's granddaughter).  Notice her eyebrows are diamond shaped! 

 Diamonds has OFA eyes, OFA heart and OFA patellas.  Diamonds is the sweetest and most loving 

dog there is, truly a girls best friend.  She loves everyone! 



  RETIRED (Spayed) and living in a pet home.  

Wyndcrest Violet Lace. 

Violet, our beautiful wide blaze tricolor is out the the champion Wyndcrest lines.  

She Beauty's and Wyndcrest's Duke of Devore's daughter.  She is one of the last of the Champion Wyndcrest lines. 

Wyndcrest kennel is no longer breeding.

Violet is current OFA certified heart, OFA certified patella, OFA preliminary hips and CERF eyes.  She is CHIC eligible.

Violet is our jumping jack and boy does she loves to jump, jump, jump, as high as my shoulders!  Violet is Gladys mother.  

 In memorial 

  Kelton Angelina Ballerina.

One of Beauty's daughters and our first home bred Kelton Cavalier  

She is out of the beautiful and long lived champion Rosewood Pendragon line. 

Angel is OFA certified heart, hips x rayed, OFA certified patella, CERF eyes.

Angle is our big girl.  We call her our Clydesdale in a dog suit!  


 (Beauty on right)


In memorial

 Parsons Lady Jane 2004 - 2018

Our beautiful perfectly marked thumbprint blenheim is Parson's Lady Jane, aka Beauty. 

 Beauty was imported from Europe in 2004. She is my first cavalier and the foundation of my Kelton line.  She is out of a champion who lived to be 14. She is OFA certified heart, OFA certified patella, OFA preliminary hips, and CERF eyes Normal.

 Beauty has also earned her AKC Canine Good Citizen title . She is an old girl (For a Cavalier), but she remains in excellent health for her age and aside from some arthritis (Which had been reversed by putting her on Nujoint from Nuvet Labs) she keeps going strong.  She is my best dog and loving great great grandmother to our puppies. 

Beauty is Angel and Violet's mother.