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Please use the following links to arm yourself with information. Learn more about cavalier health, history, AKC breed standards, raising a puppy, rescues, how to find a responsible breeder, and what you can do to prevent MVD in your cavalier. Avoid impulse buying. Once you have done your research, you will be ready to talk to breeders. If you know more about cavaliers then someone who's breeding them, that's a red flag. Responsible pet owners always invest the time it takes doing research before bringing home a new puppy.

Where to find good reputable dog breeders ?

Start with the dog clubs:





Local breeders I personally know and recommend who may have puppies

https://guntercavaliers.com/ Phelan

https://www.labastidecavaliers.com/ Big Bear

https://www.adorablecavaliersofsoutherncalifornia.com/ Norco

http://www.cordialcavaliers.com/ Agua Dolce

Lori Hulsey https://www.gooddog.com/breeders/mckenna-cavaliers-california#breed_id=72 951-733-3281 schlteacher333@gmail.com Temecula

Becky Dyrdahl 714-876-4269 craigdyrdahl@sbcglobal.net Corona

Jasper 310-889-4180 Jasperpogi@gmail.com Rancho Cucamonga

Andrea Ornelas 951-547-9242 andrea13ornelas@gmail.com

Cavalier Rescues:





How to create "Super puppies" (Something your breeder should be doing)


Dog Health Information:





Couple of things to be aware of that can affect your dogs health

http://www.woodhavenlabs.com/documents/dewclaws-injury.pdf Why dew claws should not be cut

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=enPCZA1WFKY Why dogs should not be spayed/neutered early by Dr. Becker DVM

Products I use and highly recommend.

I have personally researched each one and successfully use them on all my dogs:

*Supplements by Nuvet Labs www.nuvet.com/66236 Made in the USA, using all natural "Human grade" ingredients and manufactured in an FDA approved lab.

*Nuvet Plus is a powerful, immune system builder that targets the cardiovascular system and reduces inflammation to help delay the onset of MVD and keep cavalier hearts strong. It also completely eliminates tear staining naturally. Nujoint Plus Anti-inflammatory joint support that is so powerful and effective, it got my arthritic dog off her prescription strength medication with no side effects! I recommend for growing puppies up to two years old and again at 5 years old to prevent arthritis.

Send me your name and address for a free sample.

*Teeth cleaner https://oxyfresh.com/ Easy to use Oxyfresh, just squirt it in to dog's mouth or add to the drinking water. Daily use reduces bacteria in the mouth. Breeders believe the bacteria in the mouth may be a contributing factor for MVD.

*Using Nuvet Plus and Oxyfresh daily in combination will help to prevent or delay MVD onset in cavaliers.

Ear Cleaner http://zimfamilycockers.com/EarCleaner.html Easy to make up at home, works very well, and saves money. I also recommend shaving all the fur under the ear flap and behind the ear. This will not change your dog's appearance but I guarantee will greatly reduce ear infections.

Vaccines www.neotechvaccines.com Overrides the mother's passive immunity in puppies and does not have a failure rate when used according to Neotech vaccination schedule.

Vets I use:





Learn more about puppy mills and backyard breeders vs good reputable breeders.