Powerful pet supplements I highly recommend.

  I want to relay my personal experience with this product through Beauty’s story.  

                                                     Beauty’s Story

    Beauty is mother, Grandmother, and Great-grandmother, to all of the puppies from my line.  She is the foundation of Kelton Cavaliers.  Beauty was born in 2004.  In 2012, Beauty’s behavior changed.  She became lethargic, depressed, and isolated herself.  I took her to the vet for a full physical examine and compete blood workup.  I feared the worst and expected to put her to sleep, she was that bad. The good news was that she was in excellent health but the vet found a small nodule on her right wrist.  She was diagnosed with osteoarthritis, and was prescribed Deramaxx for pain and inflammation.  In less than 48 hours she was back to herself, running, jumping, playing with the puppies, chasing lizards, birds, etc.  Deramaxx is a miracle drug and Beauty would have to take it for the rest of her life.  It has side effects and is very hard on the liver.  Beauty would need blood tests every 3 months to monitor her liver function. There is no generic and blood tests were an additional expense but I was happy my Beauty was pain free and back to her old self.  Then a few months later, the makers of Deramaxx, Novartis Labs, was closed down by the FDA.  The drug was, “Out of stock” everywhere and I could not refill Beauty's Rx.  With no signs of the lab reopening and less than a month’s supply of Deramaxx on hand, I panicked.  My only option was to switch Beauty to Rimadyl, which is even harder on the liver and less effective than Deramaxx. 

 It was then I decided to look into supplements.  I researched the many that were available on-line, in the pet stores, and at the Pet Expo. I diligently gathered information from various supplements.   I learned a disturbing fact that there is NO regulations in the pet supplement industry.   Most consist of floor sweepings and fillers.   After studying, comparing, and contrasting different brands, I finally decided on Nuvet Labs.  The reason being that it was made in an FDA lab with 100% all natural human grade ingredients.   Nujoint Plus prevents joint degeneration and promotes healing.  It also supports growing joints in young dogs.  I switched Beauty from Deramaxx to NuJoint Plus immediately and observed her closely.  I can honestly say there was no noticeable changes in Beauty’s mobility or behavior between starting NuJoint Plus and stopping the Deramaxx.  NuJoint Plus is as effective as Rx medication, yet is all natural and not damaging to the liver.  Beauty continued to be pain free and mobile for the rest of her life.  Because it is all natural, I no longer had to worry about side effects and no need for blood tests every few months.  

After successfully using NuJoint Plus, I also added Nuvet Plus which supports the cardiac and immune systems.   I noticed within a month all the ugly tear stains on my dogs disappeared.  I currently use both NuVet Plus and NuJoint Plus supplements on all my dogs.  I was so impressed with the product, that I felt compelled to recommend it to all of my puppy buyers.  Nuvet Labs is only distributed through authorized pet professionals; which includes veterinarians, groomers, trainers, and breeders.  I decided to become an authorized distributor so I could make Nuvet Lab supplements available to my puppy buyers using my order code 66236.  I truly believe in the effectiveness of this product because I have personally seen it work first hand on my own dogs.  It is used by show breeders as a secret weapon to give their dogs a winning edge!